Maps are a great source of knowledge and information. Maps help us in understanding the geographical aspect of an area. The map of Leh Ladakh gives a fair idea of the different places in the region. The map of Leh and Ladakh shows tourists the various important places in and around Leh Ladakh India. Come and travel to Little Tibet in India with Leh Ladakh India.
Leh Ladakh are two amazing place of visit especially during the onset of summers. This mountainous region has exemplary beauty of the landscape and holidays here could be like being cut off from an entire civilization. Leh is the capital city of Ladakh, while Ladakh is the plateau and the valley lying close to the Greater Himalayas. There are several ways by how you can reach there but depends on the route that would be open.

Leh to Manali is the preferred route to return from Leh Ladakh. The route is far more ardous than Srinagar Leh route however the vistas that the route offers sufficiently offsets the difficulty gradient!If you choose to start your trip from Manali the real climb up starts near Rohtang Pass. The ever changing landscape is mesmerizing and spectacular. Expanses of snow-capped mountains, deep verdant valleys and small quaint villages you come across in this route is unforgetably beautiful.
Detailed Leh Map

Leh City Map
Manali – Leh Route Map