Likir Gompa

is set on an isolated ridge a few kilometers north of Saspol. The road approaching the gompa makes a wide semi-circle around its base, affording beautiful views of the gompa from different vantage points. Likir was established around the 15th century and early in its history, became responsible for the oversight of Alchi gompa, to which it has posted lamas up to the present day. Likir belongs to the yellow-hat sect and currently houses about 120 lamas.

Situated at a distance from Saspol, the Likir Gompa was founded in the 15th century and overlooks the Alchi Gompa and send lamas there till date. It houses nearly 120 monks and belongs to the Yellow Hat sect. One of the attractions is the hand painted mandala of Wheel of Life which is held by Yama and the main hall or Dukhang has seats for the monks where religious prayers and meals are held. Adorned by Thankhas, the Dukhang is a sight to behold with the large chortens and has a statue of Avalokitesvara considered as reincarnation of Dalai Lama.


Numerous other statues of Buddha in different forms including Amitabh, Skyamuni and Maitreya adorn the temple. Another statue of Tsong-kha-pa has been set on the other side. He had established the Yellow Hat sect and lived here during 1357 to 1419 AD. The throne seat has been set for the visiting heads of other gompas and the head monk at Likir.